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Daily summary reports

Onguard is manufactured in South Africa and designed to suit our harsh conditions. With ten years’ experience under our belts we have included added services and features such as Multiple Simultaneous patrols, Inspector Visits, Time and attendance, Personnel registers, ID Cards and WhatsApp type messaging services.As market leaders, we have been quitely developing our mobile app. The cell phone patrol system has certain advantages over the MKIII version. Since our aim is to please our customers, you will have to look no further if you prefer the mobile phone over the tried and tested MKIII patrol system. We plan to launch this system later this year.


Each Patrol system reports to the secure off site server and every morning, reports are automatically sent to the relevant interested parties. The mark of our reports is that they are easy to read and understand. Detailed information is readily available should there be a need to drill down. Each Guard and Supervisor is uniquely identified on the reports.

Remote configuration of the system is key. The friendly and knowledgeable OnGuard helpdesk will be able to adjust the settings on your patrol systems in moments.

All the patrol systems can be monitored simultaneously from the same web interface. OnGuard even reports on the efficiency of your control room staff.

Website access carries different user levels which means that your sensitive data can be protected from control room and admin staff should this be a requirement. OnGuard’s data-base permits you to add or upload all your personnel and instantly commence printing ID cards. The process of capturing your staff’s photos is simplified by using our app which uploads each staff member’s photo seamlessly to the server.


Paper based access control registers will soon become obsolete as the POPI (protection of Information) act is enacted. OnGuard has developed a solution for this called Identiscan.

A hand held mobile data terminal is used to scan motorvehicle licences and drivers licences. The information is compared against white and black lists and the data is stored off-site on our secure server.


Accountablity for each transaction is ensured biometrically as the guard needs to use his finger print to enable the scanner.

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5 good reasons to use OnGuard

Free messaging

This will allow your supervisiors to get alerts from your patrol systems at no extra cost.
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Free ID cards

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Store your personnel register on our server and then print your staff’s ID cards.
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Free Time and attendance

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The OnGuard time and attendance system is intergrated with the site rostering and control room web monitoring. Each OnGuard system has built in time and attendance. For sites where you dont have an Onguard system in place, use the cell phone TnA system.
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Drawing time and attendance reports is a matter of logging on and selecting the period. We calculate the hours worked as well as holiday time and sunday time.


Free Phone Tracking

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Track your employees phones. Set up geo-fences.
Replay trips. Set speed limits.
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Free Rostering

Schedule your staff using our free rostering module. No need to install any software as the service is web based.
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Would you like to …

Multi-guard feature

Up to 4 guards patrolling simultaneously can be controlled by each Onguard control unit.
Each guard can be dispatched on his own route and the system will verify that he patrolled each of his given points.

Stay Awake functionality

What keeps the guard awake between his patrols? There are two options. If there is only one guard on the site, the system will go into stay awake mode BETWEEN patrols. If there is more than one guard on site, the system will remain in stay awake mode whilst the guards are on duty.

stay awake -no border

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Automatic verification with PSIRA

To provide a guarding service, your staff must be PSIRA registered. Onguard does the laborious work of verifying staff information. To use this service, capture your staff details on our server and the information is automatically verified.

Keep track of expiring drivers licences and firearm licences.

On your staff profile, you can enter the expiry dates of your staff’s licences. We will let you know before they expire thus giving you an oportunity to avoid expensive administrative errors.

Cellphone based Time and attendance.

Employee costs are the largest component of a security company’s budget. To effectivly manage the staff, OnGuard provides an app that will run on any andriod phone (the phone must have a foward facing camera). When an employee comes to work, he simply enters his PIN on the phone and the phone takes a snapshot of his face. The photo and and clocking time is uploaded to the OnGuard server.

By using the OnGuard Time and Attendance system your control room are able to see that the sites are correctly manned and you are able to draw timesheets. Elimination of buddy clocking is achieved through visual verification on of the face on the time sheet. Read more on Push to Talk